A video recording: “Scientific Religion in Modern World” by Bhante Kanugoile Rathanasara

The Dhamma talk series organised by the Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF), Buddhism in Daily Class, featured the popular speaker Bhante Kanugoile Rathanasara again on October 1st 2018.


He had previously spoken on two occasions and his talks delivered on October 24th 2016 and March 6th 2017 were audio recorded.


Bhante elucidating a moot point.

By popular demand this was his third appearance and as usual it was a respectable full house attendance.


Grand audience.

Question and Answer session

In any Dhamma talk questions and answers session is a yardstick to gauge the interest and response of the audience. Active participation from the floor was the order of the day. The talk ended at 8:30 pm and the questions and answers session rounded up the event at 9:30 pm.

Question and Answer session


… and questions texted to moderator, Sister Lily Chan, via smart phone for Bhante.

Bhante in lighter vein injected humour in his response to a question.

Video recording

As we marched forward with time and synchronised with the digital era of the cyber world we embarked on a video recording of the event to bring forth and share with those who might wish to attend but missed the event for whatever reason.


Sister Oranje Lwin helms the video camera recorded the session.

It is also for the global audience, available with any device with internet connection anywhere and anytime round-the-clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven-days or “24/7” (a commercial parlance usually pronounced as “twenty four by seven”).


The gift of the Dhamma excels all other gifts (Dph 354) and the MVDF gladly offers and shares this gift with the audience in the global arena.

Transferring of merits

The session ended with transferring or dedicating of merits to the departed and loved ones.


Transferring of merits in progress.

It was indeed a noble deed to propagate the Dhamma following the footsteps of the Buddha “to teach the Dhamma that is lovely in its beginning, lovely in its middle and lovely in its ending for the good of many, for welfare and happiness of devas and humans.” (D.II, 46 & 48).


Do keep a date and come and listen to the next Dhamma Talk on October 29th “Contentment” by Bhante Cakkapala.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Video recording and editing credit: Sister Oranje Lwin.

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: October 22nd 2018

Unless otherwise stipulated, texts, video clips and photos by contributor who takes responsibility for any inadvertence, factual or otherwise.

Do visit The Photo Gallery for more photos and you may download for keepsake and personal use and not for commercial or monetary gain.

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