“Three types of happiness” by Bhante Cakkapala – an audio recording

This last Dhamma talk for the year 2017 delivered by Bhante Cakkapala appropriately wrapped up the Dhamma Talk series organised by the MV Dhamma Fellowship (MVDF) under the Buddhism in Daily Life programme in Buddhist studies held on Monday.

Incidentally, Bhante Cakkapala is also the spiritual advisor of the MVDF and sometimes teacher for the Monday class.


Bhante Cakkapala, spiritual advisor to MVDF and sometimes teacher for Monday class, elucidating a point.

The rain did not deter or dampen the spirit as there was a reasonable good turnout of about of 90 participants, who braved the cold and wet weather to attend the talk, diligent in their practice and not in idleness.  ““There are these six dangers attached to idleness: Thinking: “It’s too cold”, one does work; thinking “it is too hot”, one does not work; thinking: It’s too early”, one does not work;   think: “It’s too late”, one does not work”; thinking: “I’m too hungry”, one does not work; thinking: “I’m too full”, one does not work.”” (D ii, 148).


The cold and wet weather did not deter or dampen the spirit to attend.

As usual the questions and answers session from active participants seeking clarification and raising moot point with the speaker who provided enlightening answers.

Q and A session

Questions from the floor …


… with enlightening answers from the speaker, Bhante Cakkapala.

Propagation of the Dhamma knows no boundary and does not restricted to any medium or platform: be it in the classroom as formal instruction or virtual class vide the internet or digital media.

Thus this recording is for those who could not attend the talk for whatever reason and yet wish to listen and benefit from it as “There are beings with little dust on their eyes who are perishing through not hearing the Dhamma: they will become knowers of Dhamma.(DN ii, 48)

It is indeed a noble cause to bring the Dhamma to them as “the gift of the Dhamma excels all other gifts”. (Dhammapada 354)

The session ended with a closing address by Sister Lily Chan of the Education Committee, gave thanks to all the participants not only for the Dhamma talk but the support throughout the year for the Buddhism in Daly Life class and welcomed them to the new class to commence on January 18th 2018. She also welcomed them to visit the MVDF webpage for updates and all its activities.

Sister Lily Chan, Education Committee gave the closing address with Bhante Cakkapala behind.

 You may wish to mark your calendar and make a date on January 8th 2018 the next and first Dhamma talk for the New Year 2018. The Photo Gallery is opened for you to view more pictures and you may download any photo that you desired.


Contents and photo: Chin Kee Thou

Audio recording: Chin Kee Thou assisted by David Chua and Chan May Wan

Date: October 31st 2017

The contributors jointly and severally take responsibility for any inadvertence factual or otherwise.






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