“Should Buddhists be conservative?” by Venerable Kanugoile Rathanasara – An audio recording

At the invitation of the MV Dhamma Fellowship, Venerable Kanugoile Rathanasara delivered a talk on October 2nd 2017 organised by Buddhism in Daily Life under its series of Dhamma talk entitled “Should Buddhists be conservative?” at the Chew Quee Neo Hall which was also the penultimate talk for the current year.


Bhante Kanugolie Rathanasara, an eloquent speaker in action.

His reputation as an eloquent speaker is no stranger to the Buddhist commune; and as with his previous talks held here attracted a reasonable large crowd.


A reasonable good turn up for Bhante …


… with the attendees listened attentively to his talk.

Questions and answers session

There was a good response and active participation during the questions and answers session. An enthusiastic participant engaged in sparring with the speaker and also a weigh in support from the floor expressed his view and stance in support of the speaker.

Q n A Dhamma Talk Oct 2 17

Audio recording clip

As with all the other Dhamma talks held here and for the benefit of those who could not attend the session this audio recording is embedded for your listening pleasure and also for those attendees who may wish to listen to it again.

The session ended at about 9:15 pm with the dedication and sharing of merits recitation conducted by Bhante.


Dedication and sharing of merits.

The gift of the Dhamma excels all other gifts, the flavour of the Dhamma excels all other flavours. (Dhp 354)

You are cordially invited to visit The Photo Gallery to view more photos.

Do mark your calendar and keep a date for the last Dhamma Talk of the year on October 30th 2017.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Content and photos by Chin Kee Thou

Audio recording by Chin Kee Thou assisted by David Chau and Chan May Wan

The contributors collectively take responsibility for any inadvertence factual or otherwise.

About Chin Kee Thou

Reading Buddhist scriptures and writing articles for the blog and newsletters.
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