An audio recording of “Criteria of a Buddhist” by Venerable U Cittara

The MV Dhamma Fellowship had the privilege to have invited Venerable U Cittara, Chief Resident Monk of Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) who delivered a Dhamma Talk on the topic “Criteria of a Buddhist” on September 11th 2017. The Dhamma Talk series is an activity of Buddhism in Daily Life programme.


A privilege to have Venerable U Cittara, Resident Chief Monk of Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple), to deliver a Dhamma talk.

Incidentally, this was his second time he graced the occasion and; the first time his lecture was recorded with a garage-type-setup audio recording system.


The talk was recorded with a garage-type-setup audio recording system.

It as an average turnout in attendance with a family attended with two young children in tow to listen to the wise sayings of the Buddha.  The topic, appropriately based on the theme of Mangala Sutta, (from Khuddaka Nikaya, Book 5 Sutta-Nipata, Culavagga 4) which is on family matters and affair.


A young family with children in tow listen attentively to the Dhamma.

This audio recording is for all to share especially for those who missed it for whatever reasons; in maintaining the spirit of propagating the Dhamma as the Lord Buddha did after attainment of Enlightenment and having observed the first vassa-residence at Isipatana, Migadăya, sent forth the sixty disciples to go on missionary work:

Bhikkhus, go out in all the eight directions for the mundane and supramundane welfare, prosperity and happiness of the many beings, such devas, humans and Brahmas.  Let not two of you travel together for each journey, ………………………..

“Bhikkhus, teach the Dhamma that is full of virtuous qualities in all its three phases, namely, the beginning, the middle and the end; and endowed with the spirit and the letter. ……………………..

“Bhikkhus, there are many beings, such as devas, humans and Brahmas, who have little dust of impurity in their eyes of wisdom.  Through not hearing the Dhamma, they will suffer a great loss of the extraordinary Dhamma which is the Path and the Fruition.” (Maha Vegga, 19 – 20).


Garage-type-setup audio recording system.

The session rounded up at 9:30 pm with the chanting of Chatta Manava Gatha led by Sister Lily Chan before the attendees dispersed for the night.


Leading the chanting of Chatta Manava Gatha by Sister Lily Chan … …


… … together with the attendees before dispersal for the night.

The Dhamma Talk series for the current year is still in progress and you are cordially invited to attend the next Talk scheduled on September 11th 2017 and October 2nd 2017.

Do keep a lookout for more events in October which will be announced in due course.

You may wish to visit The Photo Gallery to view more photos or perhaps have a glimpse of your face.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: September 12th 2017.

Contents, photos and audio clip by contributor who takes responsibility for any inadvertence factual or otherwise.


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