“Abhidhamma in Daily Life” – a New Course


Abhidhamma in Daily Life is the latest course in the Buddhism in Daily Life series of education programme under the auspice of MV Dhamma Fellowship. Incidentally, Buddhism in Daily Life is also a course debuted on March 18th 2013 followed by Sutta Study Class 2014 (refer to page 3) commenced on August 14th 2013.

Tipitaka (or The Pal Canon) and its Commentary

The Tipitaka or the three baskets consists of Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka and of course Abhidhamma Pitaka collectively known as Pali Canon.  As the name implies is in the Pali language and has been translated into the English language by many able scholar monks and eminent academic scholars.  Being Buddhist nations, many Burmese, Sri Lankan and Thai scholars, monks and scholar monks have also translated them into their respective native language.


Guide to Abhidhamma Tipitaka.

However, the commentaries to the Pali Canon are written in the Pali language itself are also available in the Burmese, Sinhala and Thai version. Unfortunately, there is no English translation of the commentaries to the Pali Canon for reference. So far to the best of my knowledge The Commentary on The Itivuttaka and The Undana Commentary, both translated by Peter Masefield, (published by The Pali Text Society of London) are the only available resources.


English translated commentaries on Itivuttaka and Udana.


Able Teacher

Abhidhamma in Daily Life, a non-examination course, is the third course organised by the MV Dhamma Fellowship under its education programme made its debut on February 11th 2017. It is conducted by Bhante Cakkapala, who is conversant in Burmese, English and Pali language, is most aptly to teach the Dhamma.

It is only appropriate to echo his sentiments on the course from his Facebook account: “Abhidhamma ia merely a supplement to the Dhamma (C.A.F. Rhys Davids). If we take Abhidhamma supplement, our understanding about the Dhamma (Teachings from Sutta Pitaka) will be strengthened.  Abhidhamma is rooted in the Dhamma from Sutta Pitaka. It further elucidates the most important teachings of the Buddha from the various perspectives.”


Bhante Cakkapala is an able teacher who is conversant in Burmese, English and Pali language.

His method of teaching is focused on practice in our daily life rather than academic treatment for knowledge only. He complements Suttas with Ahidhamma, like he complements Abhidhamm with Suttas in his Sutta Study Class, to make the lessons as concise and comprehensive as possible for the lay people to understand.  Wherever possible he makes reference to the commentaries to elucidate the point to give precise meaning and intention of the teachings (Dhamma).  


It attracted more than 100 attendees that filled The Chew Quee Hall to its brim and with many sitting on the steps of the stairway listened attentively with ease without the freak-out of an examination fever.  As Abhidhamma is an examination subject in many syllabi of Buddhist courses, many of the attendees are students or graduate students to learn and understand the complex subject better and most importantly putting into practice in their daily lives.



Attendees fill to the brim of the hall that spill onto the steps of the stairway.


The Abhidhamm in Daily Life class is held on every Saturday (except on public holidays or otherwise advised) from 2:30 pm to 4:15 pm. For those who are interested may register themselves in person before commencement of lesson or online vide abhidhamma.mvdf@gmail.com .

All are welcome.

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: February 13th 2017

N.B. Text, photos and video clip by contributor who takes responsibility for any inadvertence, factual or otherwise.


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