Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with senior citizens of Eunos Crescent

The Mid-Autumn festival falls on September 15th 2016. Traditionally MV Dhamma Fellowship celebrated the occasion earlier with a date closer to the day with gifts of moon cakes and household items for members of five families residing in Eunos Crescent.


Group photo of volunteers with Bhante Cakkapala (Religious advisor) on September 11 2016.

“Snow skin” colourful moon cakes

Through the courtesy of Sister Susan Lee, found a sponsor for the “snow skin” colourful moon cakes. As the colourful moon cakes required refrigeration and with a shorter shelf life, were delivered to the senior citizens on September 3rd 2016.


Volunteers making ‘snow skin’ colourful moon cakes in progress … … …

A token of appreciation is accorded to Sisters Susan Lee and Gak Chew who not only helped out in the making of the colourful moon cakes but also in the delivery to the families residing at Block 2 and 12.


… and Sister Gak Chew presents a box of ‘snow skin’ colourful moon cake to a joyful resident.

Household hamper

The household hampers were delivered on September 11th 2016 by members of the fellowship. The hampers comprised of instant noodles, oats, milk powder, beverages, biscuits, tooth paste and shower cream, medicated plaster and pain relief ointment.


Display of the contents of a typical household hamper with Sister Susan Lee.

Visit on September 11th 2016

The roster for the volunteers’ visit to the senior citizens in the regular schedule is on the first Sunday of the month.  However, to keep the date closer to the mid-autumn day and soaked in the festival mood, we visited them on September 11th 2016 and brought household hampers and joy to them and shared the good tiding.


Members’ visit to the senior citizens with goodies.

Foot reflexology

Sister Susan Lee also demonstrated her skill in foot reflexology rendered her service and massaged the aching legs of a resident much to the relief of her chronic pain.


‘Foot reflexologist’ Susan Lee administers her skill to the relief of a resident.

Joyful occasion

It was indeed a noble deed for the volunteers who brought joy to the senior citizens with an opportunity to practise dana for themselves.

Sister Susan Lee in her exceptional effort rendered therapeutic relief with foot reflexology to a resident with chronic pain.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Photo credits: Seow Eng, Gak Chew, Sue and contributor.

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: September 12th 2016




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