“Enlightenment” by Sylvia Bay – an audio recording

It is indeed a noble cause for Sister Sylvia Bay who graciously accepted an invitation and, in keeping alive the spirit of propagating the Dhamma, conscientiously delivered the topic on “Enlightenment” in the most eloquent manner at Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) in Chew Quee Hall on July 4th 2016. 

‘The Blessed One addressed the bhikkhus:  “You are too free from all the shackles whether human or divine. Go now and wander for the welfare and happiness of many, out of compassion for the world, for the benefit, welfare and happiness of gods and men. Teach the Dhamma that is good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in the end, with the meaning and the letter. Explain a holy life that is utterly perfect and pure. There are beings with little dust on their eyes, who will be lost through not hearing the Dhamma. Some will understand the Dhamma, I shall go to Uruvela, to Senanigma to teach the Dhamma.” ‘ (Vinaya: Mahavagga, 1:11.1).


Speaker Sister Sylvia Bay elucidating a point.


“There are beings with little dust in their eyes”

It is indeed fortunate for the congregation to be able to listen to a Dhamma Talk – “Enlightenment” delivered by Sister Sylvia Bay that will enable them to improve in their practice in walking the Path.

Although amongst them, not all will be able to comprehend it in the same degree, is understandable as The Blessed One realized:

“I considered: ‘This Dhamma that I have attained is profound, hard to see and hard to understand. Peaceful and sublime, unattainable y mere reasoning, subtle to be experienced by the wise.  If I were to teach the Dhamma, others would not understand me, and that would be wearying and troublesome for me.’

“Then, bhikkhus, the Brahma Sahampati knew with his mind the thought in my mind and he considered: ‘This world will be lost, the world will perish, since the mind of the Tathagata, accomplished and fully enlightened, inclines to inaction rather than to teaching the Dhamma.  Brahma Sahampati vanished in the Brahma-world and appeared before me. He arranged his upper robe on one shoulder, and extending his hand in reverential salutation towards me, said: ‘Venerable sir, let the Blessed One teach the Dhamma. There are beings with little dust in their eyes who are wasting through not hearing the Dhamma. ‘ “ (MN 26; SN 6:1).


“There are beings with little dust in their eyes who are wasting through not hearing the Dhamma”.

The Gift of the Dhamma

 For the benefit of those who were unable to attend the Dhamma Talk, this recording makes it possible to bring and share with you in the propagation of the Dhamma.

The gift of the Dhamma excels all other gifts. The flavour of the Dhamma excels all other flavours.  The pleasure in the Dhamma excels all other pleasures.  He who has destroyed craving overcomes all sorrow.  (Dhammapada 354).

 Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

 Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date July 6th 2016.

N.B. Unless otherwise stated texts and recording by contributor who takes responsibility for any inadvertence, factual or otherwise.




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