Laughter Yoga Class @ Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple)

The laughter yoga class held at Savatthi Hall and Mangala Hall on May 14th attracted about twenty participants from a wide spectrum ranging from students and teacher of Sunday Class, students from Monday and Thursday evening classes, Nikayas Sharing Class, Chinese class, Dhamma Kaki, devotees and well-wishers.

A team of four teachers led by Brother TC Lim with Brother Steven Phua Sem Yeow, Brother Yeo Chong Peng and Sister Alicia Sim conducted the two-hour session.


Group picture with laughter yoga teachers: Brother Steven Phua (front row left); Sister Alida Sim (beside Brother Steven), Brother TC Lim (centre) and Brother Yeo (right).

The class began with some socializing and a talk about laughter yoga by Brother TC Lim. Next, the group started warm up with breathing exercises, then the laughter yoga games started. He emphasised that in laughter yoga, the laughs should come from the diaphragm and full belly laughs provide the most benefits.


Brother TC Lim initialized the class.

The three other teachers took turn to conduct the session with different basic steps like laughter yoga breathing, clapping and chanting, childlike playfulness and imitation of animal movements.

Laughter Yoga Montage May 14 

The class ended with silent meditation followed by question and answer session that rounded up the day.

The next session is on June 18th 2016.  All are welcome.

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Laughter yoga class is organized as an extended Outreach programme of MVDF.

(Unless otherwise stated text and photos by contributor).

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: May 18th 2016.


About Chin Kee Thou

Reading Buddhist scriptures and writing articles for the blog and newsletters.
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