MV Dhamma Fellowship 2015 Vesak Day Celebration

Traditionally, the agendas for MV Dhamma Fellowship during the past Vesak Day celebrations were devoted to recruitment of new enrolments for the evening Buddhism classes and manning the book stand for free distribution.

For this year Vesak Day celebration the Dhamma Fellowship showcased the activities of the various committees and the events held during the year.

L to R: Religious Advisor; Chairman; Committee Member – Library;Committee Member – Spiritual &Secretary of MVDF

L to R: Religious Advisor; Chairman; Committee Member – Library;Committee Member – Spiritual &Secretary of MVDF

The Spiritual Committee holds Buddhanussati chanting on the first Sunday of each month and Metta Bhavana Chanting on the third Sunday of each month. Also chanting for the sick renders to patients, as and when upon request.

Chanting poster_300dpi

The Community Outreach Committee programme on humanity reaches out to the senior citizens residing at Eunos Crescent and Chai Chee on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Outreach poster_lores

Members, devotees and well-wishers joined in the Mid-Autumn festive on August 31st 2014 (’Outreach’ reaches out and celebrates Mid-Autumn festival with elderly citizens of Eunos Crescent | Buddhism and Daily Living ) and Lunar New Year celebration on February 8th 2015 ( MV Dhamma Fellowship Outreach reaches out with early Chinese New Year joy | Buddhism and Daily Living ) that brought joy and goodies to the senior citizens.

The Education Committee responsible for the evening Buddhism classes conducts Buddhism in Daily Class on Mondays and Sutta Study Class on Thursdays. (Sutta Study Class 2015 | Buddhism and Daily Living ).

In addition it also invited speakers for Dhamma Talk series held on the fifth Monday of the month. Among the speakers who delivered talks included Venerable Professor Gallelle Sumanasiri Thero who probed on the topic “War and Buddhism” on March 30th 2015 (Buddhism in Daily Life, Dhamma Talk Series: “War and Buddhism” | Buddhism and Daily Living ) and Venerable Analayo on the subject “Letting go of the Ego“ on May 25th 2015. Venerable Dr. R. Gnanaseeha Thero will deliver his lecture entitled “Essence of Buddhism“ on June 29th 2015.

Essence of Buddhism Final

The Event Committee organized its second Pindapata on August 31st 2014 which made its debut in 2013. (MV Dhamma Fellowship celebrates Second Pindapata Day | Buddhism and Daily Living ). An outdoor event on September 14th 2014, took a tour of two temples that rekindled ties with MVBT: Sri Lankaramaya Temple at St. Michael Road and Burmese Buddhist Temple at Tai Gin Road. (MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Temple Visits rekindle historical ties with Sri Lankaramaya Temple and Burmese Buddhist Temple | Buddhism and Daily Living ).

Temple visit_lores

The Library Committee that revamped and automated MV Library was a newly created committee. It also administers and manages a comprehensive collection of more than 2,300 copies Buddhist texts and literature in more than 1,600 titles, in Burmese, Chinese, English and Pali. (Revival and automation of Mangala Vihara Library | Buddhism and Daily Living ).

_Library poster2

The Executive Committee organised a Lunar New Year luncheon gathering on March 1st 2015, attended by 16 members and the new Religious Advisor, Bhante Cakkapala, graced the occasion that bonded the ties in the spirit of the fraternity of the Fellowship. MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Lunar New Year Lo Hei (捞起)Luncheon Get Together | Buddhism and Daily Living .

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Date: June 1st 2015


































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