Acquisition of books for the revamped Mangala Vihara Library

During our recent trip to Sri Lanka from October 22nd to November 1st, we took the opportunity to visit two major Buddhist bookshops, namely BPS Bookshop and Buddhist Cultural Centre and acquired to the tune of Sri Lanka Rupees 115,289.50 worth of Buddhist literature and Nikayas to add to the collection of books to the Mangala Vihara Library, scheduled to be operational in January 2015.

It is only appropriate and an opportune time to acknowledge with thanks and gratitude to the following contributors, donors and well-wishers who made possible the acquisition of these books.

MV Management Committee                51,055.00

Mr Jebsons Chia                                       10,000.00

Mr Chin Kee Thou                                       6,444.50

Mr Chan Tuck Sing                                    5,000.00

Mr Fong Khan Hong                                  5,000.00

Mr Hing Sing Huat                                    5,000.00

Mr Jason Sim                                             5,000.00

Ms Lily Chan                                               5,000.00

Mr Ng Boon Hiang                                     5,000.00

Ms Ng Wan Eng                                         5,000.00

Ms Suriaty Simon                                      5,000.00

Mr Yeap Cheow Soon                               5,000.00

Ms Maureen Teo                                        2,790.00

Total amount in Sri Lanka Rupees   115,289.50

(As the exchange rate fluctuates daily, a mid-rate of $1 = SLR100 is used to determine dana amount equivalent in Singapore dollars).

Written texts on ola leaves

Incidentally, we also acquired a copy of Dhammacakka Suttam written on ola leaves as an exhibit for display in the Library. It was not until the Fourth Buddhist Council held in Aluvihara that the Tipitaka was first committed in writing in the first century B.C.

Dhammacakka suttam written on ola leaves.

Dhammacakka suttam written on ola leaves.

The texts were scratched on the leaves with a stilo, which is a pointed steel dagger-like instrument.  An ink made from berries was rubbed over the whole page. The ink was gently removed from the leaves but remained stained in the texts. Refer to the link for more: An Encompassing Sri Lanka Trip Part 1 – Religious and Historical Sites –

Volunteers for MV Library

Meanwhile the Library is on a recruitment drive to enlist volunteers as a team to manage the Library. Please refer to the link: Mangala Vihara Library needs Volunteers | Buddhism and Daily Living for details.

Do come forward and render your time and effort for a noble cause in the propagation of the Dhamma.

The gift of the Dhamma excels all other gifts. Dhammapada verse 354.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou

Team Leader

MV Library Project

November 5th 2014








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