Foundation Ceremony of a Buddhist Centre at Andhra Pradesh

Bhante Analayo

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Reading Buddhist scriptures and writing articles for the blog and newsletters.
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6 Responses to Foundation Ceremony of a Buddhist Centre at Andhra Pradesh

  1. Dear Dāyaka Chin,
    Thank so much for post about the foundation ceremony on Buddhism and Daily Living Webpage. You and Dāyaka Pathuma attended the ceremony and represented the whole Singaporean Buddhist community, which made the ceremony great success and gave immense pleasure to the participants and villagers.
    Besides it, after the ceremony we went for Dhamma Dūta Trip to various places in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. During the trip we could had the direct experience of the situation of Buddhism in India. During our Dhamma Dūta Trip, you made several comments and gave suggestions, which are very useful for me to initiate activities in the birthplace of the Dhamma.
    Your encouragement made me to gain confidence that the Singaporean Dhamma practitioners with us to make the Buddha’s message of peace and highest happiness available for the entire humanity.
    I feel, your knowledge, experience and technical skills are the great contributions to propagate the Dhamma in a skillful way in India.
    With Metta,
    Ven Andhra Analayo


    • chinkeethou says:

      Bhante, thanks for taking interest in our blog. We shared a common platform in the propagation of the Dhamma. May the Triple Gems be with us always.


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